Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They're listening!

I love it when people listen to our suggestions!  Oh, I don't know if my rants and e-mails made any difference but I hope they or someone's did.  Maybe the producers at ABC just figured this all out for themselves.  Nevertheless, it is all good.

First, Miss Snowflake is gone.  I fear it was all a staged ruse and she isn't really dead but whatever, just as long as she is off my screen. The rest of this trite little tale (to use Helena language) can go by the wayside, too.  It is too predictable and there are so many more interesting stories already in the works.

Second, Michael is back on the side of good and front and center in a new storyline.  Just put him back to work at ELQ interacting regularly with Edward and Tracy and we can all be happy.

Third, Monica is in Jason's life again.

Fourth, Sam is pregnant with Jason's baby - as far as we know. We can be happy for awhile about that.

Fifth, the fallout from Robin's death is bringing about wonderful performances, no surprise there but today we even got a flashback!

Sixth, more familiar faces are apparently headed back to town such as Dr. Noah Drake.  It always amazed me that a character could be killed off and their closest family not even be mentioned at a funeral.  Having Patrick's father return just makes sense.

Seventh, OLTL stars are going to pop up.  Now this certainly wasn't a suggestion of mine as I never watched the show but I thought it was a good idea from the start.  So to whoever asked for this, bravo.  Of course, this all starts of tragically - the death of another child.  Yet, tragedy gives us the best drama.

Eighth, Matt is remembering things that might make him Lisa Niles murderer.  Everyone has probably long lost interest in this one but if it gets the egotistical Dr. Hunter off my screen, I'll all for it.  I wanted him to be the killer all along.

Ninth and perhaps most importantly, I saw the new GH promo today and I'm delighted.  Delighted that there is a promo at all.  I hope this will be popping up all over the place.  My e-mail to ABC was to run the promo at night during shows like Revenge that could have the same audience as General Hospital.  I understand the ratings for the Revolution are terrible so this may be an indication that ABC wants to save GH for another season.  Hopefully they are getting the message that people don't want their so called lifestyle shows and do want our daytime dramas.

So with every day full of drama, 3:00 on ABC is definitely the place to be.

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