Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not much love in the air

Was Dante the only romantic today?  And he wasn't very original with his roses and candy.

Patrick did give Robin a wonderful gift though as he says it was not very traditional. I guess I like my Valentine somewhere between a heart shaped box of chocolates and a visiting relative.

It seems Valentine's Day was scrapped in Port Charles in favor of the upcoming party to celebrate another of Sonny's gifts.  The guy must really be loaded.  Maybe this is where the $20 mill that Spinelli had to locate is going.  Anyway, I'm sure it will be a night to remember. All of the Metrocourt functions are. I'm enjoying Kate and Carly as partners already.  Fireworks are sure to be on the menu whether planned or not.

Maxie seems to be regretting her spontaneous reporting of Elizabeth to Monica.  I had certainly hoped we would see at least a bit more of Monica in this.  Perhaps she will drop in on Jason or be at the hospital benefit.  She'll have to fight Carly for a place next to Jason's bedside.  Carly is concerned and already irked that no one called her about Jason's health. She is clearly outside his key circle these days.

Lulu needs to see an allergist.  It will come as no surprise when it is Lulu who digs up something in all those files.  And I've never understood why Deloris doesn't have access to the evidence room.  Isn't she on the same level as Dante and Ronnie?  Makes no sense.

TJ is causing trouble, no surprise there.  Well, Alexis wanted Molly to get a social life.  As usual Alexis has no idea what her kids are up to.

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