Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Inoperable is improbable

At GH?  They can't do surgery?  Isn't this unheard of?  I sure hope Robin has one of her famous drug protocols to treat Jason.

Meanwhile, Michael continues to get his life back on tract despite the examples of his parents and step-father.  He is enrolling in college and hopefully working with Shawn. It is time Michael gave Shawn a chance.  Will Carly give Shawn a chance and have two gorgeous men on a string?  What a choice?  I don't see her marrying either of them - Johnny is too young and volatile and Shawn just isn't a leading man character to me, at least not yet.  He was a teacher in his former life.  Teachers have one of the hardest jobs in the world but no one makes them the key character in a drama - not one that lasts long anyway.

Maxie, Maxie, what are we going to do with you?  I don't like Elizabeth either but I wouldn't put a single mother out of work.  Stealing drugs is hardly a pattern for Elizabeth and it sounds like the pot calling the kettle black - a point Monica made.  Best thing here is that Monica has a story that will at least keep her on the screen a couple more days.

Much as a dislike Matt's ego, he is right about Ewen.  There is something there that just doensn't add up.

Jason Thompson continues to show range in his work.  He went from giddy husband planning a surprise for his wife to straight forward surgeon in a heartbeat.  He knows Jason keeps secrets.

So lots to keep tuning in for!

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