Friday, February 17, 2012

Seriously underestimated

Sonny has seriously underestimated Johnny.  It isn't Johnny's business powers that are the problem for Sonny.  It is how much every woman in town adores Johnny.  It certainly isn't Johnny's fault how he came into the world.  Johnny has befriended very one of those women and they are not going to easily forgive Sonny for humiliating Johnny.  Many of them thought Sonny went to far with Claudia who certainly had it coming.  No, Sonny has made a bad miscalculation.

This party was just such a waste.  They have turned generous donations and opportunities to get the entire cast together into predictable scenes that carry little value.

Can Maxie be saved?   I do blame Robin for not throwing her out, but she shouldn't have to.  For some reason, Maxie thought her love life or lack thereof was more important than saving Jason's life.  Of the two, I think I'll forgive Sonny before I forgive Maxie for her pettiness that has now caused a fire in the lab and possibly the loss of this magic medicine to save Jason.

I did have one good laugh today amid the tragedies unfolding and that was seeing Matt with his mouth hanging open in disbelief after Elizabeth said she hadn't been going after him.  What a blow to his ego.  A very much needed blow.  Though it would take a cannon to pierce his ego and bring it down to a reasonable size.  Maybe he and Maxie do need to get back together and move somewhere else.  Poor Spinelli for being tied to this story.

Where is Michael?  Shouldn't he have been at his father's party?  Maybe he is on TJ's guest list.  I have a feeling the party at the lake house is going to come to an abrupt halt.  Alexis surely won't be staying out late since the Metrocourt bash is collapsing.  Oh, and I guess there was one other good moment of humor when Alexis' blue dress nearly clashed with her green skin.  She is so jealous of Diane and Mac who I think are putting on an act for her benefit.

Emma is adorable and I like her scenes with her grandmother.  I do think that Grandma needs to be interacting with the adults soon though.  I understand Anna has a lot of history with many people in town and I'd like to see that.

Maybe next week.

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