Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's to Love

Since this is the month of love, here's what I'm loving about General Hospital right now:

the new sober Luke.  Luke is back and back in touch with everyone meaningful in his life yet he hasn't lost his naughty edge.  He is engaged with his children in relevant conversation.  He is helping Carly though I'm not sure she found it so helpful.  He cashed his info into Sonny so he is back supporting himself.  His scenes with Tracy and Anthony are fantastic. I know he and Edward are in cahoots on the Tracy situation.  I just hope they will be able to control the fallout from this marriage.  I love Luke's every scene these days.

Patrick and Robin are working together again.  After a year or so of tugging their marriage apart, they have a common goal and are fighting together.  That is a relationship I want to see.

Franco is gone - or at least dead, I hope.

Alexis' menopause story.  I love everything about this story.  OK, it is a bit unbelievable that Alexis wouldn't recognize the signs but then she has been in denial about her personal life before.  I can only ever remember one other menopause story and that was Lisa on ATWT back in the day when such things were whispered.  Well, with Diane on the case, there is no whispering.  That is for sure!  Even Coleman is getting some good stuff here by pegging what Alexis is really looking for.  We are seeing more of Mac these days, too.

Johnny is getting tons of screen time.  Sure, there are plenty of issues here and I have worries.  For now I'll just delight in seeing him practically daily.  I do love that he and Carly are growing closer. Plus it looks like he might be mixing it up with the Quatermaine's.

Michael is on a path back to ELQ I'm betting.

Ronnie may be the assailant of the dancers and now the detective.  I hope so as that might finally get him OFF MY SCREEN.

Spinelli is reeling Maxie in and it is delicious to watch.  He is no longer a cyber geek but a kingpin of a group swapping information.  I'm sure there is something illegal here but I'm not worried.  No one in Port Charles really goes to jail at least for long.  I'm enjoying the development of Spinelli from geek to Casanova way too much to worry.

Ewen doesn't seem to be falling under Elizabeth's spell.  She actually didn't trap a man in her web.

And finally, Elena is back, knife in hand. Let's hope she doesn't get interrupted.

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