Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sadness and Beautiful performances

The terrible truth is that a soap opera death of a much loved character brings about the best performances.  Losing Robin - Kimberly McCulough is a great blow for General Hospital.  Not only is she a wonderful actor, her character has tremendous story potential yet to show and a connection to almost everyone in town.  I've always liked Robin.  She gets a lot of criticism for putting her nose where it doesn't belong and for always having to be right but I don't mind that.  I like her and I identify with her to some degree.

With the loss of her character we do get some fantastic scenes that pull the best out of her family and friends.  It is hard to know where to start.  Patrick is struggling with his loss and wanting to take it out on Jason who he doesn't believe should get to live if Robin can't live also.  I can see his twisted logic.  I know he will do the right thing eventually.  We get to see Sam beg for her husband's life.  She desperately wants to save Jason for herself and her child.  I imagine Monica will be in on this soon, too.  Perhaps even Elizabeth will talk Patrick into doing what Robin wanted.  She has yet to learn of her friend's death.

Mac and Anna have lost a child.  It's heartbreaking to watch.  And it is certainly understandable to see Mac lash out at Sonny.  The passion in Mac is something I haven't gotten to witness as he has mostly been in the background in the years I've watched.  Sonny is angry and devastated.  Cheers to makeup for making Sonny look so pale following his shooting and the shock of losing Robin.

There is so much left here to tell.  Maxie will be pivotal as she takes another loss.  Maxie, who has never gotten over Georgie's death, has to lose Robin who was also like a sister to her.  Will Maxie realize she is the one who turned on the gas in the lab?  I hope they do this right and someone does.

Will Carly feel guilty for barging into the lab and distracting Robin earlier. It had no bearing really, but she and Robin didn't get along, still there is another connection.

There has been much done wrong in terms of logic in the last few days.  Why didn't Dante call an abulance and backup when Sonny was shot.  Why on earth would he go several stories back up into the hotel to get Steve to come down there with a first aide kit when help could have already been there.  And wouldn't someone have come running to the lab area when the alarms went off.  Dante couldn't get an ambulance to a hotel and Patrick could get the fire department to arrive before any one in the hospital showed up from a floor up or down.  It makes no sense.

Still, minor things in otherwise fabulous storytelling.  In tragedy we get some of our best scenes, we just have to look through the tears to find them.

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