Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seriously annoying day!

Ok, Robin, here is what you do.  Physically push Maxie out the door of the lab and lock it behind her.  Then call Monica, the chief of staff and mother of your dying patient, and tell her to station someone outside the lab door letting no one except maybe, and I do mean maybe, Patrick inside.  Really!  Having the almost insufferable Matt and Maxie ranting about the dissolution of their relationship that was nothing more than a few dates and tons of fighting was just too much to watch.  I understand Carly's point and why she was upset but she sure wasn't helping either.

Sonny is right, Carly. If Jason wanted you to know, he would have called you.  Jason is married now and even before it was Sam he was confiding in, not you.  Heaven help anyone who confides in Carly anyway.

Carly already has her hands full as yet another of her parties is about to turn into a shouting match.  Why does anyone want to have an event at the Metrocourt.  Are the appetizers that good?

Olivia, go back to dressing yourself.  That designer gown Kate so generously gave you is hideous.  Now I see why you weren't so gracious in receiving her gift in the first place.  Also, if a designer made this for magazine publication it would have probably been fitted for someone considerably taller than Olivia so hemming it should be perfectly fine, Kate.  Geez, does no one know anything anymore?

Dante, decide whether you are going to see Sonny as a father or a gangster and stick to it.  I'm tired of you vacillating.

Finally, in the real world, apparently some fans have been sending Maxie's current portrayer, Jen Lilley, hateful messages. (per an article on SoapCentral) That is just awful thing to do. I've been critical of her work, I admit but I certainly have never sent her a message of any kind.  I've also said that the issue with Maxie these days is all three-  writing, acting and directing.  No one could have made me like Maxie today with her written to storm into the lab and rant about her love life at this time.  No one can make that work.  It certainly isn't Lilley's fault that Kristin Storms hasn't returned.  Personally, I'd rather see Maxie scaled back some until Kristin Storms can return.  I think we have been on Maxie overload lately and there are tons of other stories and characters that could take the stage. I was starting to like Lilley in the role until her character went back to being a mad woman.  So writers and directors, tone her down or write her out a bit for awhile but fans should not be hateful to her for playing the part she was hired to play.

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