Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't call her 'crazy'

Todd had better never let Heather hear his hilarious ringtone! "Crazy calling, Crazy calling"  Oh, too funny! Olivia is the latest to make the mistake of calling Heather "crazy."  Of course anyone could see that Olivia had put herself right in the line of fire.  She isn't one to back down under any circumstances and Heather is between her and her man. Personally, I think Olivia should have just cut her losses.  If Steve is too stupid to see what this woman who sold him as a baby is doing now, he just isn't worth it.  I loved Steve when he first came to town and wanted to see more of him.  Now I have and they can put him back on the back burner or wisen him up.  This version of Steve is nobody's prize.

Anna has already done more as police commissioner in a few weeks than Mac did in the entire time I've watched GH.  She actually goes out and investigates!  It's amazing to find someone who wants to get their hands dirty.  She'd better hustle on over to that cabin before Luke becomes toast.

Luke!  I just can't get over the idea that a man who has been kidnapped as many times as he has wouldn't carry around a few James Bond style tools up his sleeve, hidden in his watch or something.  He is just now realizing he has been held captive in a tool shed!  Didn't Maxie and Elizabeth escape within minutes of being held captive.  Luke hasn't even tried until now and his grand plan was to burn his ropes off?  Was the alcohol keeping him savvy all these years?

I'm assuming Tracy got a letter too and we just didn't see or hear about it.  I like Tracy and Luke better than Anna and Luke.  Mostly though I'm delighted that Anthony Geary is around for the summer at least so far.  He is too important right now to take a vacation.

Wanna bet that isn't really "Connie" paying Johnny a late night visit?  I'm thinking Kate is trying to figure out what Johnny knows and she is just pretending to be Connie.  I want Kate to know she didn't cause the accident but I so hate to bring Johnny down.  I know what he did is awful yet I can't help but want him redeemed.  I've always loved Johnny.  With Todd spying on him though I doubt he will be able to keep many secrets.

I was very pleased to see actual extras being used at the club opening.  Too often there is some big event and we only see the show regulars.  The club was and should have been packed.  I do have to say though I'm not nearly as impressed with Starr's singing as everyone else is.  She is OK but I've heard far better from other soap regulars.  Martha Bryne of ATWT comes to mind.  That is something they could do with Steve - let him sing!

Lulu and Dante are having marital problems - what a shock!  I never thought they would actually get married so it has already lasted longer than I expected.  Lulu was wrong to blow off work to comfort Johnny and Dante was wrong to show up at the Haunted Star and practically demand she go home with him for his romantic dinner - hasn't he learned by now that his never married Mother is not the best source of relationship advice?   There are wrongs on both sides and plenty of room to compromise.  I hope they keep this going at least a bit longer and prove me wrong.

Finally, we didn't see too much of Sam and Jason this week.  Todd now knows the truth of the baby paternity and everyone is on Heather's trail for Maggie's murder.  Will Heather get caught and if so will all her secrets come out?

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