Sunday, July 29, 2012

Surprise, surprise!

We were treated to a few surprises this week on GH.

Anna pulled a gun on Heather in the interrogation room rather than give into Heather's demands.  Bravo!  Now, if Anna will just do a more thorough investigation of Ferncliff than talking to one nurse she might learn something about Robin's location.  BTW why would anyone give a barely conscious Robin a pamphlet on the facility she is being transferred to?

Even more surprising was that Ewen was the one 'treating' Robin and he is doing someone's bidding.  We still don't know who.  I've heard various theories of for people I've never heard of.  So I really don't know.  The only clue is that at one time Ewen seemed to have a strange reaction to the name Jasper Jax.  I can't imagine Jax having anything to do with Robin's disappearance but what about his dastardly brother Jerry?  I don't know why other than Robin is important to many people in Port Charles including Jason.  She was working on a cure for Jason when she died.

Friday left us with a big surprise.  Johnny knows about the baby switch. How?

Blair wasn't back for Todd but to tell him she was engaged to another man.  This didn't surprise me but her assertion that she 'might' have been sending him mixed signals made me laugh.  Might?  She was all cuddled up to him at the club, responding to his kiss, telling him she did love him.  I'd say those are some powerful signals.

I was surprised that Luke seems to want Tracy to wait on him and she is agreeing to - in her own way.  They do have a weird relationship.

Finally, I'm surprised Patrick checked himself in for treatment.  I'm happy this branch of the story may come to a close.  I'm puzzled that any doctor would want to be treated for substance abuse in his own hospital.  I realize his boss and co-workers would find out, but surely he wouldn't want them to see him go through detox.

Lots to look forward to again next week.  I'm particularly interested in what Johnny knows and how he knows it.

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