Sunday, November 18, 2012

The many faces of the resurrected

Let's count them - Cesar, Duke, A.J. - that's 3 so far this month that are back from the dead.  We already knew Robin was alive so I guess she can't be counted. I understand the writers are trying to bring fans back so I can live with it.  I just wish it were spread out a bit more.

When the Petraeus story broke with all its drama of 1000 e-mails, socialites and the stupid things smart men will do for the attention of a pretty woman, I told my husband he could never again criticize GH for their storylines.  (He doesn't know there are so many characters back from the dead.)  I couldn't help but remember the Lisa Niles story and the similarities to real life.

Back to daytime... I just don't like A.J.  I know he is supposed to the one wronged here but I just don't like the guy.  I've never been a Carly fan and Sonny certainly has plenty of flaws.  It is amazing that Michael turned out like he did.  He must have somehow found the tiny bit of good in each of his parents and his uncle.  The main thing I don't like about A.J. - well two things - one he is dumb, just plain dumb.  The second is how cavalier he is with his mother's freedom. He owes his life to her and he doesn't seem to care that she committed crimes to save and protect him and put her house up to insure his freedom.

Now I do enjoy the spoils of these somewhat silly plot twists.  Alice, Tracy and Monica are the new must watch threesome.

I also love seeing characters of a certain age take center stage as in the Duke and Anna romance.  The mask is completely silly and certainly something anyone would know was fake upon touching. Yet here we have this woman presumably in her 50's and all these over 50 or 60 men after her.  It is a marvelous break from all the young lovers.

One young couple that are very sweet are Elli and Spinelli though I'm still rooting for Maxie.  One couple I can't stand are Patrick and Brit.  Oh, I love Patrick except when he is being stupid and he is over Brit though he did show some sense this week when he put on the breaks.  I just hate Brit and have since day one.  We are supposed to and since she has no redeeming qualities this makes for a very boring character.

This week is Thanksgiving and the previews on-line indicate a sad Thanksgiving filled with familiar faces.  Kleenix at the ready.

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