Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rewriting history

right before our eyes.

Now, I wasn't watching GH all those years ago - how many was it? - when AJ died.  But I can figure out some discrepancies already.  For one thing, Michael is about 20 and I'm reading between the lines to see that AJ must have died when Michael was very young.  This puts Steve now in his late 40's to have been a doctor when AJ was pronounced dead. This is certainly possible.  He looks that age but it doesn't go with Heather's age.  I know, I know, ages don't matter on daytime drama but it is still all fishy.

Another thing is why AJ didn't return to comfort Monica when Alan died - or Emily or Lila.

What I most hate about this is the recreating of the scene without even trying to make Monica or Steve look younger. They could have just told us what had happened without the visual.

Finally, my biggest beef with this is that cardiologist Monica didn't revive her son with her medical skills it was her words.  Huh?

There were opportunities to do this better.  Adding to that, I'm just not taken with AJ already.  I didn't know the first version of him; I've only heard Carly and Sonny's tales which are surely tainted. But this guy is just sleazy to me.

So this introduces a big new storyline just as Jason is leaving and the baby switch has wrapped up.  Sam is about to find out the baby is Jason's.  If only someone would shut Heather down for good, this could be over - well, mostly until Todd's involvment comes out.  I've enjoyed this story- cliched as it is - because there have been enough twists and the actors have done a fantastic job.

Connie is a hoot but her expiration date looms.  Trey impresses me more with each performance and I'm glad he is getting his mother committed. Really he needs to because he doesn't know who is even supposed to be in control of her body and what truly happened at his birth.

Kristina hasn't been on much lately.  Have the directors taken the hint or have we just been lucky?

In this post I've been a bit hard on the show and some of the actors but it is the exception not the rule.  I love GH and hope we get to rewrite history for years to come.

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