Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not abandoned

It has been weeks since I posted yet I often think about what I would write when I watch an episode.  And watching is something I've defintely been doing as so many storylines peak and close.

Sam has her baby and her fantasy came true for what 10 minutes?  I know it is boring to have couples all happy but couldn't we have given them a few days?  We endured weeks of them in Hawaii before Franco showed up to ruin everything.  And we knew it was coming to an end as Steve Burton has left the show.  All the best to him and his family and their move to Tennessee.  I do hope he gets back to L.A. to work from time to time.  We all know that Jason isn't really gone.  The characters aren't going to believe it either if tomorrow's previews are any indication.

Another beef I have with this storyline besides the lack of time for Sam and Jason to be truly together is shooting Jason in the back.  That just isn't the way Jason should go out.

I was delighted though with the baby switch storyline.  Joy for Sam; heartbreak for Tea, a character I really don't even know. And boy, can that woman wail!  She is the most convincing crier I think I've ever seen.  Clearly New Kristina needs to take lessons.

Joe Jr. got his last revenge by naming Sonny as his shooter.  I really hope they discount this early on.  I think it is just in there to keep Trey from wanting to help Sonny help Kate/Connie.  BTW, Connie is wearing thin very fast.  The little scene between her and Johnny last week was not enjoyable.  Poor Johnny, how this character has fallen from grace.

Poor stupid, Carly!  Actually I don't feel the least bit sorry for her.  She goes from Johnny's lies to Todd's.  She really should know better. It is so hard to find women who make the same mistakes over and over enjoyable to watch.

Another heartbreak this week is Lulu's. She can't carry a child.  They did this well if quick, giving her a good reason.  I'm wondering if this will become 'my mother is carrying my child' story with Olivia being her surrogate.  Not sure how I would feel about that.  Anyway it is just one theory.  Pleased to see Maxie being supportive.

I don't know what to make of Duke Lavery.  Is he the real guy or is Luke right?  If Duke can get someone (Bernie - RIP) to move Sonny's money to Kristina, then he can certainly get someone to insert new fingerprints into a database.  Spinelli could do that in his sleep - though he certainly wouldn't in this case.

I'm delighted to see Luke and Tracy right in the middle of key storylines.  I doubt it will be long before they are comparing notes and figuring out that Joe was working for Duke and all this ties in with Jerry and the water contamination story.  Will they figure out the link to Robin?  I hope they do and clue the rest of us in on what is really behind Robin's kidnapping.

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