Sunday, December 7, 2014

Luke is back, sort of, and Sherlock's Understudies

On GH, Tony Geary is back! How wonderful to see Luke on the screen again and looking well.  Actually we saw 3 Lukes in the last few days.  I was hoping this story was wrapping up though I'm not that surprised that it isn't.  Just because we have been strung along with listening to people talk about Luke for months on end doesn't mean that his portrayer has had the opportunity to enjoy creating and playing these characters.  So I'll give them a little leeway.  Still I hope this wraps up by Christmas.

The big tipoff I think that Luke wasn't Luke yet was that Helena let Alexis just go on into Luke's room and take him out.  You know it wouldn't be that easy.  I think Fake Luke has something to do with the experiments at Crichton Clark and the blood Jerry got to make his radiation poisoning cure.

My heart did a pitter patter this week when I saw Johnny flash his beautiful smile at Sonny - or well, at us lucky viewers at home.  Why can't we spring Johnny so we could see him far more often?  And I miss Anthony, too.  He was a fantastic villian.  I don't think they should bring him back after all the time we viewers spent watching Heather hauling his corpse around. You just can't sell everything.  Then again we loyal viewers have had to buy a lot lately.

I have no segway into this so I'll just jump into another show - Elementary.  Last week, Joan took the week off as she was in Copenhagen with her boyfriend.  It was a brilliant move on the director and writers part as it sold me on Kitty. Seeing her interact with Sherlock without Joan to compare her to, let me really start to like her and value her as a part of the team.

This week they were all back together.  I do like the cases of the week so while I'm enjoying the development of Sherlock and the fantastic job Johnny Lee Miller does with the character, I don't want to lose the weekly stories.  This week's case was weak in my opinion.  I knew the instant we met the young woman that she would be the killer.  Her characters always are.  Plus they should have figured out the reason behind the murder far sooner than they did.  So the overall story arc is being handled very well.  The case of the week though needs more creativity.

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