Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best and Worst of GH

I've read a couple of the Best and Worst lists for the year for GH and various other shows.  This is my take. I'm mixing them together throughout the post because worst sometimes brings out the best and vice versa.

Best Actor - Tony Geary, hands down.  It is really amazing to think that we have only seen Luke for less than half the year yet his performance has captivated viewers.  I'm always looking for little breaks in the veneer to see who is hiding beneath the surface as he portrays Luke and the imposters. Any little crack seems intentional to show that he is mostly playing a fake Luke.  The whole storyline has led to lots of speculation and I don't think anyone has nailed who Luke really is.  My current bet is on Trevor Lansing.

And this leads us to our first well, not worst, but let's say 'could be better' and that is the dragging out of this storyline.  I'm not too bothered in that it is a good mystery, has drawn in most of the cast, and showcases Tony Geary.  Of course I thought it was solved at Thanksgiving for about a day until we knew that Luke wasn't Luke and we were back to the beginning.  It makes sense that Geary would not want to return from what was probably a challenging recovery from surgery to fade to the background as 'uncle Luke' usually does.  No, he earned this opportunity.

So the only real issue is the time from August to November when they talked about Fluke incessantly and went on the Euro trek to try to find Luke.  All that was unnecessary build up imo.

Best Actress - a tie between Maura West and Michelle Stafford.  As I was mentally running through the cast, it took me awhile to get to their characters and then instantly I though, of course!  Though they have been on the show a short time, I can't imagine the show without them.  Both actresses have shown us depths of their personalities in just a year or less that we often don't see in 5 years time of other performers.  So somehow we have to spring Ava from jail and Nina from wherever they sent her and get them back on screen regularly.  I don't think Sonny's is the father of Ava's baby. There is definitely more to that story.

Best storyline - AJ's murder and the coverup.  I cheered when Franco was sharing what he knew of AJ's murder with Michael.  The aftermath was also a wonderful chance for Chad Duell who has been sorely underused the last 2 years to shine and he did.  I never cared for AJ.  He didn't deserve to be murdered but I certainly won't miss him.

Worst storyline - Cryton Clark which I've misspelled and I don't care.  Everything to do with that place was ridiculous which brings us to the biggest problem of the year...

Resurrecting everyone - Helena, Stavros, Jason, Levi's father, and how many more?  Faison wasn't really dead this time.  It has become just too much.

Worst character - Levi.  Never has a character been so universally disliked as this one.  I never read a single nice thing about this character.  He had no redeeming qualities and we all just wanted him gone!  Tying him to some past character that apparently even long time viewers don't or barely remember didn't help at all.

Best Villian - Liesl though this is a very tough category.  There are so many.  Liesl though is a delight to watch no matter what she is doing. I knew she was responsible for Maxi getting visitation again.  Today we found out how - blackmail.  No surprise there just delighted it happened because another bad story was the judge who would not allow Maxi to see her child.  Could Spinelli not let her see Maxi since he clearly wanted to?  If I had been Maxi, I would have moved to Portland last year instead of going on a Eat Pray Love mission and that would have forced the court to transfer the case.  It would have also shown them how much she wanted to be with her daughter.  Good for us though that she has remained in Port Charles.  No matter what Maxi does, I love her.  She is one of my favorite characters.  And I look forward to the day when she and Liesl tangle over Nathan's affections.

Best Romance - tie between Maxie and Nathan or Julian and Alexis.  Fantastic chemistry for both couples.  I've lost track of why Julian is back in the business again.  One thing that is getting repetitive is how many times Alexis and Julian can have the same scene where she tells him she can't accept what he is doing.  Maxie and Nathan are really just getting started.  I'm curious where this New Year's Eve story will end up.  I knew he was calling his Mutter to help Maxie out.  It was a good move on his part and the explanatory scenes helped us understand why Judge Walters had it in for Maxi.

Worst Romance - Ava and Sonny if you could call it a romance which I suppose you would not.  If not, let's go with Kiki and Michael because they were incredibly boring together.

Most annoying character - Lucy Coe.  Last year, this year and probably next year unless my prayers are answered and she is gone.  When she volunteered to go with Levi as his hostage, I screamed at the TV "take her, take her."

Most useless character - Sabrina.  Why oh why did they bring her back from maternity leave?  I never, ever liked her and with her and Patrick's child gone and their romance - if you could call it that - over, she had no ties at all to Port Charles.  Now she has lost her job so she really has no reason to stay.

Most wasted talent - Felix.  This character is fantastic and he is off the show?  It makes no sense.  Plus GH has no idea what to do with African American characters.  Shawn and Jordan are constantly screwing up at their jobs. Felix was just everyone's friend and never had a good story of his own.  The idea that he thought he could 'turn' Milo was silly and disrespectful to the gay community.

Best twist - Sending Sonny to jail to meet up with Johnny. You always expect Sonny to find a way out and he will but this is giving his character a whole new dimension.  I don't enjoy prison scenes but these work so far.  Plus he now has Franco in with him.

With Maurice Bernard renewing his contract, Sonny will not be forgotten behind bars.  Let's just hope he gets out before things get too dismal.

Happy New Year!

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