Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rumor has it

that there are going to be some cast cuts at GH.

It's about time.  This is nothing personal to the actors.  Although that is a ridiculous statement as it means someone's job and a character they probably love to play.  So it is very personal.  My opinions though are not based on the actor's performance.

I believe the GH canvas is overcrowded and has been since the 50th anniversary when so many characters were brought back and never really left.  More have returned or been added with too few leaving. So we have more people than there is time to properly give them stories.  So I think saying goodbye to a few characters is necessary for the storytelling.  And I'm assuming it is necessary for the budget as well.

Here are my picks as characters that really don't add anything to the current storylines.

Kiki - I know this one is staying - the character, not the actress.  Why oh why did they recast?  It was the perfect opportunity to write out a character no one likes and who has little to do.  She is raising Avery but there are plenty of people in Port Charles who would gladly take on Avery or she could have gone away with Kiki only to return in a few years all grown up.

Morgan - I have grown to like Morgan but he, too, has no job and is just a third wheel.

Lucy - Lucy is my most disliked character. I've been wanting rid of her since she hit town. She is just plain annoying and contributes nothing.

Bobbi - After the Fluke storyline wraps, Bobbi Spencer will probably fade into the background again so the character might as well make an exit.  Watching her and Lucy fight over Scott makes me scratch my head and wonder what either of them sees in him. Scott isn't on the list only because he is the DA, Franco's father and occasionally gives us a good scene.

Felicia - Another one I've wanted rid of since the first time I saw her.  She abandoned her child and as far as I can tell really never did anything with her life and now they are trying to make her mayor?  She's a ditz.

Mac - I like Mac, I really do but either give him something meaningful to do or write him out.

I'll pause here to say that it is sad that an entire generation isn't working out. This is partly plotlines but it is also characters.  We need fresh characters for this generation.  On the other hand, Tracy, Luke, Heather, Helena work very well. Well, a small dose of Heather at a time does. Sometimes Anna works out and sometimes she doesn't. Her character is good; it just depends on the writing.

Duke - I've never warmed to Duke. I don't dislike him; I just don't get very interested in any scenes he is in.

Sabrina - She is really at the top of my list.  I've never liked the character. She as no ties at all, no job, no reason at all to be in Port Charles.

TJ - Why didn't they send him away to school and have him return on holidays since that is about all we see of him? It is time for him and Molly to break up as there is no story here. I miss Molly.

Jordan and Silas are characters I have mixed feelings about.  I wouldn't miss them if they were gone but I think there is plenty of story material.

The only reason Sloan isn't on my list is because he is being recast with the fabulous Grayson McCouch who played the smoldering Dusty Donovan on ATWT. I can't wait to have him back and hopefully add some dimension to this character.

Characters I can't imagine going anywhere are Sonny, Carly, Jake (Jason), Sam, Patrick, Luke, Tracy, Julian (because fans like me adore him with Alexis), Alexis, Maxie, Nicholas, Dante, Lulu, and Michael who is truly the linchpin of the show and finally they are putting this character back to that pivotal position.

Characters I adore and don't want them to leave are:  Nathan (because of Maxie), Ava, Nutty Nina, Ned, Epiphany, Liesl, Lucas, and Olivia.  Several of these are new and are already much adored by fans.  My biggest fear is they are going to write out Ava.  They have really backed her into a corner.  She has already said goodbye to her daughter.  I don't think they will kill her off (not permanently) but I wouldn't be surprised if she is cut.  Not everyone can get a get out of jail free card.

One character I haven't mentioned is Elizabeth. They tried to get rid of her before and fan swell kept her around.  Personally I'm not a big Liz fan.  I call her Nurse Nosy.  I'm not looking to get rid of her; just don't care much one way or another.  Another I haven't mentioned is Franco.  I have mixed feelings on this character.

I'm most disappointed that Felix has been dropped to recurring. There was so much story potential and the actor was fantastic.  I'm already assuming Johnny is temporary.  I would put the old Johnny in the adore category but this version is hard to love.

It will be interesting to see who and how they make cuts.

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