Friday, September 26, 2014

New Fall 2014 TV

With almost all my shows being renewed, I really don't need to pick up a lot for the fall of 2014.  Still, I'm tempted to try a few new shows.  Here is what I've tried and what I think of them so far:

Forever (ABC)
Since I rarely care for science fiction or the supernatural in any form with the occasional exception such as Early Edition, I had not planned to watch Forever at all. The built-in gimmick overrode the really hot guy.  Then I heard last week that the pilot was on-line.  So why not?  Not much else to watch.

My husband and I watched it together and surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I loved Elana De La Garza on Law and Order.  Judd Hirsh plays the ah, well, I won't tell you since it would spoil the story.  He is in the sidekick role and there is a real kick to his character's placement in Henry's (the lead's) life.  The pace is just right and the characters are not just likeable, but people you want to get to know - something sorely missing from so many shows. The pilot did an excellent job it seemed of setting us up for the 2nd episode though they really seemed to skip all that when the 2nd episode rolled around.  The overarching story is engaging and it is a good procedural. Some people hate procedurals but I miss them. Shows like Scandals started with a story of the week and then completely abandoned the concept so much you can't figure out how these people could possibly stay in business.

The only issue I have is Henry's gimmick of dying and then popping up in water naked.  Doesn't sound like that would be a problem to watch but it is a gimmick and any gimmick overused will kill a show or at least my desire to watch it.

Another show I had no plans to watch was Blackish.  The previews just didn't make it seem funny.  I was persuaded by the excellent reviews.  Should have listened to my instincts.  This show may have some important social commentary.  I don't really know.  What I know is it is a comedy and I only laughed - lightly - once.  Why can't ABC find something to follow Modern Family and give Nashville a decent lead in?

A to Z
Another pilot I watched on-line.  I like the main characters.  Didn't like the supporting cast at all.  Plus it is on NBC and I watch nothing else on NBC, a network that can actually manage to screw up a Michael J. Fox show, so why bother?

After watching the on-line pilot, I thought I might tune into this.  I enjoyed it more than expected.  It is better than its previews.  The problem with it is they told the entire story in the pilot.  I'm not expecting this one to hang around too long.

Madam Secretary (CBS)
I love shows about the presidency.  This one on Sundays prior to the Good Wife showed promise in the previews.  My husband labeled in predictable after we watched the first episode.  I agree though there were one or two unique takes.  It is watchable and a good time slot as The Good Wife is often late so having something to watch earlier is nice.  I'll just wait and see if the episodes get more engaging.  I do like all of the cast except for the two silly young assistants.

Scorpion (CBS)
Another show I had no intention of watching based on the previews.  My husband wanted to watch it and for some reason CBS has it slotted at 9:00 p.m. on Monday.  That alone is enough to really irritate me.  The Good Wife desperately needs to be rescued from its slot post football, 60 Minutes, Madam Secretary that can range anywhere from 9 p.m to a 10:30 start.  Why not put it on Monday at 9 if you suddenly want to air a drama at 9 p.m.  Or what about Elementary that has been put off until late October thanks once again to football?  The most logical thing would have been to bring on some of the regular comedies - the good ones like The Millers and Mike and Molly (though this needs some fine tuning to get back to what it once was but that is another issue).

So Scorpion is taking up much needed airtime and for what?  The most ridiculous story I've ever seen in something supposedly based on real life events.  Tell me did an amateur driver really go 200 mph down a runway with someone popping out of their sunroof to plug a cable into a plane buzzing above.  Just land the plane!!! I've read that 'the runway was too short.'  Well geniuses, you are at LAX, find a longer runway!  This program was completely absurd.

Now I know the only thing I've liked so far is a show about a guy who can't die.  In that case though and in other science fiction, you know what you are getting going in. What I don't like about Scorpion is they want us to swallow this nonsense as possible even reasonable.  No, I will not be watching this again.

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)
The one show I truly wanted to add to my viewing for the fall is the new Shonda Rhimes show following Scandal.  Actually it was developed by someone else.  It definitely did not disappoint!

An overarching mystery - really two of them - that is promised to be solved by the end of the short season, a case of the week, a very complex female lead, and loads of mystery ensure that this drama will be around for the season.  We were talking about it first thing this morning with theories on who did what.  That is the sign of a good show for sure.

I haven't decided if I like these characters yet but I'm definitely interested.  There are plenty of layers to reveal.

So I have one definite watch in How to Get Away with Murder and two maybes in Forever and Madam Secretary.

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