Sunday, September 28, 2014

Returning Fall Shows - the first week

Several favorites returned this week. We had eagerly awaited the return of The Big Bang Theory and Scandal.  Let's see how they all did.

The Good Wife
While it was difficult at times to watch, the storyline was the most surprising.  Carey's arrest came out of nowhere.  I'm always amazed how these people avoid spoilers.  My prediction is that Carey will stay in lockup for a couple more episodes so Alicia and Diane can merge the firms leaving him even angrier when he is free that he wasn't in on the decisions.  I think that when Will's murderer comes up for trial, Carey will want to represent him having experienced what it is like to be in jail and knowing how the kid could snap.  Maybe Alicia will be State's Attorney by then and prosecute the case herself.

Big Bang Theory
Hilarious as always.  A great double header.  This show continues to do a 'bang up' job incorporating their growing cast and developing their characters.

The Middle
There is nothing really new here this year but it is still funny.  Eden Sher is so unrewarded by the acting community for the fantastic performances she gives year after year.  Maybe this year and Emmy or at the very least a nomination.  If only all the nominations weren't gobbled up by...

Modern Family
While still funny, this show is getting to the most predictable and at times tedious of all.  I hate to say that because it was so fantastic early on.  The problem is that the same characters interact week after week and you can easily see how they are going to behave.  Cameron goes overboard on the romance and Mitchell is embarrassed by it.  How many times have we seen this?  Bring on some new characters and shake things up!

Ok, this was also predictable but I still enjoyed it.  I knew Juliette would be pregnant.  They set this up last season and Hayden Panitierre is pregnant IRL so they had to go there.  I knew Rayna would not pick Deacon else the show would be over for her character.  I knew Scarlett would return mainly because there were no spoilers than the actress was leaving.  I still laughed at the road trip. I was still happy for Juliette who got the part in the movie.  I even still wondered just for a minute if Rayna would choose Deacon.  It is a good ensemble and the music is always great.

The best storyline is Will's and little happened here but I'm sure more will be coming along on this.  It is unprecedented for Country Music as far as I know and I tune in to see how they are going to deal with his sexuality.

Grey's Anatomy
Is there a technician's strike in Hollywood that I don't know about?  Otherwise how do you explain the horrible - dial back to the 1970's - special effects???  Grey's is better than that.

I also thought that the fighting between Meredith and the sister she doesn't know she is related to was forced.  I'd have like to see more on the fight over the board seat.  Alex is my favorite character so I'm glad Meredith and he are developing an even closer friendship but he needs his own storylines and life apart from her.  And Bailey hardly got a word in the entire show.

I was disppointed in that this is my first season watching them realtime.  Watchable but they have done better.

Fantastic premiere!  It is like they hit the reset button and we saw all the players move back into position except Abby.  No one was where I expected at the beginning except Liv being on an island.   There was a little teaser about that. I like the development of Quinn from the little mouse into the one person who brought everyone back together for Harrison's funeral.

I also applaud Shonda Rhimes for taking care of business.  She doesn't let her actors off with bad behavior.  The NFL and the NBA could learn from her.

Mellie is such fun to watch.  She is going through an awful time yet she makes it entertaining to watch and she is completely in control of her breakdown.  She isn't going to jump off the Truman balcony but if she keeps hanging over the edge someone is bound to notice.   I never noticed until this episode how much she and Abby sound alike.  I think they need to be related.

Best of all we had a case of the week.  Let's keep those coming.  You can do that and still have the overarching story.

So a good start to the season.  Tonight Revenge returns for hopefully the final season.  And if CBS will get their act together we can get Mom, the Millers and Mike and Molly back.  Oh and Elementary - that is sometime in late October I think.  That is a show I like more and more.

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