Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shifting the Schedule

Now that I've seen all the new and returning shows I'm interested in, something has to give.  I prefer about 1 to 1 1/2 hours of TV per evening.  These 3, even 4 hour marathons are way too much.  So some shows can easily be watched later in the week or skipped altogether.

Usually I watch 60 Minutes depending on content  I think it has been 20 years since I've had an 8 p.m. Sunday night show.  With Madam Secretary at 8, Good Wife at 9 and Revenge at 10 that is 4 hours of TV!  Way too much for my attention span and my back.  So Madam Secretary can easily be watched at later in the week, say Tuesday when there is nothing and has been nothing on from 8 to 10 for oh probably 20 years.

Revenge is a show I should have dropped in the 2nd season but like a train wreck - and it is one - I can't look away.  My husband said all along in season 1 this should be a one season show.  No I insisted.  It was too good.  I told many friends how good this show was.  I hope none of them actually listened to me because season 2 was almost unwatchable - again, train wreck.  Season 3 was a little better and even wrapped things up so that it really should not have come back.  At this point I'll probably watch it through because I feel sure this is the last season,   The star seems to want it that way.  But I certainly don't have to stay up late on Sunday to watch it.  The show has so dropped off everyone's radar that there aren't even spoilers to avoid if I delay a week or more.

Forever is still interesting.  It is a decent procedural.  While the overarching story is interesting it is obviously going to be very slow moving.  I've seen this compared to Castle which I've never watched but I know enough about it to 2nd the comparisons.  An easy one to put off a few days, maybe Friday nights which have absolutely nothing on I want to watch.

Eventually I'll have do so something about Elementary and Downton Abbey.  Elementary is due to resume in late October on Thursdays at 10.  I fear for them competing with How to Get Away with Murder.  But then they used to be on opposite Scandal so I've always watched this one on a delay.

And speaking of Thursday, TGIT is a fine concept but 3 hours!  Too long for me.  Grey's is the casualty as my husband doesn't watch it.  I only started watching this show a couple of years ago starting with season 1 on DVD.  This is the first year I could watch it live and now it doesn't work for me.  So this one is going to be delayed a day at least in viewing.  I didn't think it got off to a great start last week. This week's episode was much better.  I'm glad I didn't know in advance that it would be all Maggie.  Her character surprised me in that I like her a lot.  I like her to the point where I can see all the things I don't like about Meredith coming out.  Very well done in getting her to interact with everyone, tying up one of Cristina's loose ends, and showing how she may be technically fantastic at her job she does indeed have her flaws.

I look forward to next week's Greys - just not on Thursday.

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