Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kate and Debra deserve better

Kate Walsh and Debra Messing deserve better. Much better.

I lasted 20 minutes into Debra Messing's new show.  Her husband or ex-husband, whatever, was on the Firm and also deserves better.  The twins are just unwatchable as is everything about this.  I really should have stopped after the first 5 minutes as the opening was just ridiculous.

I lasted through two episodes of Bad Judge though I tuned out for the last part of the 2nd episode.  There again I should have shut it off after the opening sequence where the judge grabs and ax and takes out an obnoxious driver's front tire.  Judges don't get away with that kind of thing.  This show is just Bad.

I can't believe Debra Messings show has been picked up for the season.  It shows how little NBC has going for it.  I like Kate but I won't stick by her on this.

Is it a coincidence that both of these are on NBC?  I think not.

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