Sunday, October 19, 2014

Four weeks in

Four episodes in on most shows, I'm impressed, puzzled, and cruising along.

As for new shows, Forever, How to Get Away with Murder, and A to Z stay on my playlist.

Madam Secretary goes - well goes to the back burner.  I will watch it if I have nothing better to do,  The problem with this show is the monotonous plots.  Every week, she faces a crisis and every week she comes up with some last minute idea to resolve the issue.  She is the superhero in a suit and high pointy shoes.  There is an overarching story here but we know little about it.  In the 4th episode, we finally find out that the previous Secretary of State has enemies but we know very little else about him.

What would fix this show are flashbacks.  Show us the relationship between the Secretary and the CIA agent who was killed.  Why should we care about him or trust his theory?  Show us the previous Secretary of State - how he handled his job, his relationship with the President and his staff.

This is exactly what Forever does and why the show has done well with viewers and with me.  I agree with my husband.  The lead actor is a ham, but I adore his assistant, enjoy his relationship with Abraham and find the flashbacks interesting and not overly done.  Plus, and most importantly, he hasn't died and popped up in water since the second episode.  They resisted the trick.

I know that A to Z on NBC was one I wasn't originally going to watch beyond the prereleased Pilot.  I didn't like the supporting cast.  They are growing on me.  I don't yet like them but I find them funny.  This show is saved by the details - lots of little details that tie into the plot each week.  It's cute and sweet and most importantly funny.

How to Get Away with Murder is great fun to watch. I've read a lot of criticism and nitpicking on all the ways this show isn't 'realistic' apparently from people who were just dropped here from another planet and have never watched a television program before. Unrealistic situations, coincidences and sometimes downright magic are the glue that hold most plots together on just about any show.  The super detectives on Law and Order: Criminal Intent just happened to be called to crime scenes with high powered victims or suspects even before anyone knew who the victim was!  No baby on TV is ever born in a hospital or at least not one that has power or without some lifesaving procedure necessary.  A drama is dramatic!  And 'Murder' is doing a great job of dramatic.  I still don't know which characters I like and which I don't and that is part of the fun of all this.

As for returning shows, Scandal is getting better and better.  My only concern is this week's case once again involved the White House.  It is at its best when there are cases that don't all revolve around the President.  Of course in the coming week, all we will care about is getting Jake free.  Fitz is so easily manipulated; if he were president, I'd definitely fear for our safety.

The writing on Nashville has improved a smidge.  If only the writing for the characters was as good as the music.  Although this year there hasn't been nearly as much music. I don't think there was anything last week.  That gives us more time for storytelling but I am going to miss my music.  I suppose there is a bit of a time crunch as I'm assuming Hayden Panetierre will be going on maternity leave before the end of the season so they have to move along through Juliette's story.  I'm delighted that Avery (Jonathon Jackson) is getting so emotional material. This is where he shined on General Hospital.

Revenge seems very repetitive to me. I'm so tired of this show yet I can't stop watching the train wreck it became 2 years ago.  Maybe they can just wrap it up early and be done with it. Will anyone still be left anyway?

In sad news, Kalinda will be gone from the Good Wife at the end of the season.  The actress has a pilot she will star in.

I don't think having a pilot, that may or may not be picked up, is enough to announce this early that you are leaving. I think she is leaving because of how they have cast her character aside after that hideous storyline involving her husband.  Kalinda was a major character early on.  She was the mystery and a big part of the success of the show.  Now she is almost an extra.  Never is she the center of a story.  I'm sad for the actress.  She is very good at what she does and it is a waste of a great character as well.

They have so written her out they have to come up with unreasonable ways to give her screen time.  In last week's episode, Eli was all worried about Kalenda and Peter's one night stand what 6 years ago or so?  Who cares? Peter has certainly done far worse.  What does that matter even if it came out?  Normally everything on the Good Wife has a purpose but dredging this up only resulted in an awkward scene with Eli and Kalenda not even saying anything.  Give her character a story!

The Big Bang Theory was as funny as ever last Monday night with the girls in Vegas and the guys trying to concentrate and avoid their many distractions.  I look forward to the return of the Millers - another over the top show but one that is as a comedy should be - funny.

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