Monday, November 14, 2011

Catching Up

I watched some of last week out of order so now I'm caught up, I think.  It is a bit hard to tell as I keep forgetting what storylines are still out there - there are so many of them.  I think every character has a story going right now.  It seems like I haven't seen much of Michael in weeks but he is still dating Abby and ticked at his Mother for seeing Shawn.  But then Carly isn't dating Shawn but not without trying.

One thing I did really like was the Veteran's Day tribute they did on Friday.  Very classy.  Plus we learned more about Shawn.

I'm hoping Matt killed Lisa and we get to write him out.  He is trying to tone down his ego but I'm still not in love with this character and the cast has swelled so much someone needs to go.  Patrick and Robin clearly suspect each other of keeping secrets.  Lisa may be getting her wish after all.

Loved seeing Luke's face when Lulu opened the door holding Aiden.  He and Sonny had a heart to heart that didn't leave either of them feeling warm and fuzzy.  It seems everyone either thinks Sonny is a great father or a lousy one.  He can't win.

Johnny and Kate or Johnny and Carly?  I just hope it is Johnny and someone.  All that sex appeal is greatly wasted.  Is Anthony recovered?  Again, I'm caught up but have lost track.

And why hasn't Olivia taken that pregnancy test or has she?  The biggest puzzle is why Steve brought a women he clearly doesn't like and who is a troublemaker to Port Charles?

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