Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Luke and his conscience

It was a treat watching Tony Geary's Emmy reel today.  Having Luke argue with his conscience hit home a lot of points about Luke.  I do wonder now how Elizabeth does it given how far she lives from the hospital.

Luke wasn't the only one in another world.  Lucky got some closure with Sibohan.  Now though I'm saddened when I watch Jonathan Jackson's scenes knowing that he is leaving the show.  I started watching with is predecessor and really didn't like Lucky at all.  He was so weak. I wondered for awhile if it was the writing but no.  We've seen Jonathan Jackson's Lucky be self-destructive, aggressive, kind, smart, blind-sided, and emotionally broken.  Through it all, Lucky has never seemed weak to me.  The acting has made all the difference.  I hope they don't recast.  Let's let Lucky go if we must.  Maybe he will return one day.

Today was a particularly good episode because it focused on one family and their insecurities.  It wasn't scattered everywhere.  Ethan summed them all up nicely.  And we were left with another mystery.  Who is the woman at Wyndemere when we know there is a man there?

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