Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So many stories, so little time

Every character has a major story in their life right now and it seems that GH just can't tell them all at once.  Olivia was drinking wine again today so either the pregnancy test was negative or she hasn't gotten around to taking it yet what with all the pie baking and relationship meddling she has been doing.  Or maybe they have just decided to drop the whole thing.  Really, she could have just taken the test, found out it was negative and we could move on.   It would not be like Olivia to put something this important off.

We are getting back to Anthony and Tracy I'm pleased to see. Those two are such fun to watch.  Add Luke to the mix and it should get interesting.  Beforehand though I fear we will be watching some heartwrenching scenes with Luke and Lucky and Jonathan Jackson has already filmed his last Luke/Lucky scenes.  If Lucky was only taking a leave, I would look forward to great drama.  Instead it will be very sad indeed.

Now we hear that Robin also exiting. Sounds like it was the actor's choice this time.  I hope so.  So many people don't like Robin but I always have.  I also like the idea of a character truly growing up on the show and actually being about the right age!  Amazing.  What will happen with Patrick with her gone? Surely she won't be the one who killed off Lisa!!!  I hope they don't go that way.  I'm still rooting for Matt to be the killer.  The dressing room scene with him and substitute Maxi did nothing to win me over. Now I am ready for Kate to fire Maxi.

Look forward to tomorrow's episodes.  It should be pizza with the Quartermaine's and they have extra guests with Sam and Jason going and perhaps Abby and Michael. I hope Alice is on hand, Monica is back, this makes for a thankful GH day for sure.

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