Friday, April 13, 2012


I love blogging.  I'm having a lousy day.  I've spent all morning on a project and truly have to start over from scratch.  I'll do that but first I need a break, a vent at someone besides myself.  So I think I'll take my frustrations out on whoever decided it was a good idea to bring Heather Webber back.

I never knew this character before and what I know of her now, I'd just as soon forget.  She is completely, totally unlikeable and utterly unsympathetic.  I'm with Olivia - send her back to Ferncliff.  The only thing I do like is the expression on Luke's face when she is around. It does make me laugh - which I could use right now.

Another part of the issue with having Heather is the larger issue of too many stories and too many characters.  There is so much going on it is hard to know what to focus on.  It isn't boring, that is for sure. But I could use a little breathing room.

What I want to focus on is Sonny's trial.  There are conversations at Kelly's over a cup of coffee that take 3 days to tell and yet in half an episode the prosecution has trotted out almost all its witnesses.

Now that I have my grievances aired, I'll say that the TV will be on promptly at 3 so I can see what Connie Falconeri is going to do next. I've been riveted to this story from the beginning.  We are getting close to everyone knowing that Kate has another personality.  Spinelli is anxiously awaiting records to be delivered which will tell him what is happening.  Jason is about to go the court house.  And there is Kate on the stand saying she is someone else.  Will she come back to Kate in time or has Connie really broken free?

Hopefully we will also see Tracy bust in on Anna and Luke today.  So far they just have a friendship but I love seeing Tracy all worked up.  I wonder when she testified if she was reluctant to tell the truth about Sonny because she wants him to stay out of jail so he can finish of Anthony.  More Tracy, Monica and Alice and less Heather is all I'm saying.

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