Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What will Sam do?

What a dilema to find yourself in.  Your husband had a twin brother who was a pshyopath who terrorized you and may have impregnated you without your knowledge or consent.  Your husband has already killed the brother he never new existed.  And you the wife have to decide whether to tell him and what to do about the baby now quite a bit further along.

Only on a daytime drama.  No, they would do this on Criminal Minds in a heartbeat if they were smart enough to think it up.

It's pretty obvious Sam isn't going to run to Jason and tell him.  He wasn't home so now she has time to think, time for John McBain to get into her head and time to put off the inevitable truth coming out.  I'm delighted to see Sam have more of her own story even if it is creepy.

What I'm not delighted about is finding out Robin is alive.  I thought she would be eventually but I'd have rather not known now.  I haven't read any spoilers so I don't know if Kimberly McCullough had a change of heart or just wants to leave the door open.  If it is the latter, we really didn't need to know now.

I'm loving the Kate/Connie story more by the day.  I don't think it will stay a secret much longer what with Connie coming out more and more.  I laughed at the completely puzzled Jason today.  Connie gets to tell everyone off and they are so stunned they don't know what to do.  Give her a scene with Olivia, please.  The only question here is who is going to figure it out first:  Sonny, Alexis, Olivia, Steve, Jason, John, or Anna.  Now I can see why Maxie had to be in jail.  No way could Connie fool Maxie.

Steve is making a big mistake taking in his mother.  I know nothing about Heather other than the recent dialogue but it is easy to see she will use him and she probably has some master plan she wants to carry out.  Olivia, run, now!

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