Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Show Favorites

I like this new trend of debuting new shows at different times of the year.  It isn't all about Fall anymore.

So far this spring, there are two shows I'm loving - Smash and ABC's Scandal.  Just to get things out of the way, ABC has had plenty of bombs.  I suffered through one episode of GCB, I think my husband watched two before giving it up.  It is just silly - I think that is the best word for it and a true waste of a wonderful former Designing Woman.  I've also tried the other "B" show and don't care for it either.  Shows filled with characters you just don't like or respect are unappealing.

So back to Smash which is the only thing I watch on NBC.  It is about creating a musical and building the careers of two very talented young women.  But what makes the show are all the sub plots and there are plenty.  EVERYbody on this show has a story.  Thankfully it has already been renewed for Fall.

I was a little concerned about Scandal thinking that it might be just too much of the character Olivia Pope wearing her 'big white hat' and always saving the day.  She does her job well but her famous instincts start failing her in the first episode.   The show reinforces the knowledge that Washington is filled with the fallible and they are much more fun to watch in fiction than reality.

ABC has had a few other premieres I haven't even bothered with like Missing and the River which were unappealing to me from the previews.  Seems like I didn't miss anything.

I haven't watched much on CBS.  With a fairly successful lineup already, they haven't introduced much.  They just brought back Rules of Engagement which surely will get canceled this year.  It should have gone after about season 2.  Rob was awful but I hear it may come back anyway.

Wonder if there will be any new things for the summer.  With the regular season winding down it would be nice to have one or two things to watch over the summer months.

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