Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The green-eye monster has camped out in Port Charles.  Sonny and Carly certainly have reason.  Johnny didn't have to actually sleep with Kate to make Sonny jealous and break them up.  Olivia is right; Johnny has turned into someone we don't even know.  It is a shame because I love the original Johnny.

Sonny and Carly couldn't be more predictable.  Of course, Kate is going to walk in on them.  Kate is the only one I feel sorry for in this situation.

Jason has some reason to be jealous.  Sam thinks she is innocently confiding in John McBain but anyone can see the chemistry and where this is going.  I'm not letting Jason off the hook.  He was completely oblivious to Sam's predicament when she found out about the baby and Franco.  It isn't that she didn't tell him, she just waited a few days to know the full story.

The new writing team does a good job they are just sometimes a bit too obvious.  Dante racing off to Memphis is clearly to keep him out of town so Lulu can be Ronnie's next victim.  Finally!  Maybe we will get rid of Ronnie for good.

Loved watching Spinelli in front of the Avengers poster trying to figure out who actually killed Lisa. No one else really cares.  We just want Maxie out of jail and back to displaying her fashion sense.  Someone has to run the magazine.

So many references to Kristina.  Is she returning?

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