Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Connections

So Jerry is connected to Joe Scully.  Interesting.  There is an underworld to the underworld in Port Charles.  Finally someone is getting Joe out of jail.  He doesn't deserve it but I'm a little tired of these bar side chats and not the ones at The Floating Rib.

Another character headed for Port Charles is apparently Jax.  Not surprising now that his brother is back in town.  Please make it brief.  Jax is one of my least favorite characters.  He is supposed to be a white knight but all I see is an arrogant, boring, hypocrite.  Let's get him in and out quickly.

I'll give Elizabeth credit for keeping her expression as neutral as possible when Jason told her he and Sam were divorcing.  I know inside she was jumping for joy.  Ewan is committing all these crimes to save Elizabeth from knowing about him.  If only he knew that he is a mere placeholder, perhaps he would come clean and expose Jerry.  But then, what fun would that be?

Thursday's episode is about to come on so here is my guess.  Jerry injected Alexis and Joss with whatever is wrong with him so he can get the great doctors at GH to come up with a cure.  If so, why get rid of Robin?  She was the one who specialized in miracle cures.

Only a guess.

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