Saturday, August 11, 2012

What's the hurry?

If Sam and Jason are giving up this easy, I don't think they needed to be married in the first place. Who would have guessed that Dante and Lulu would be a model for how to work out your problems?  Wonder how they will adjust to baby on board.  You know Lulu has got to be pregnant.

Spinelli in the gym was hysterical!  Good thing Heather is off to jail.  She might have answered his on-line dating profile.

Jerry has me guessing.  What has he kidnapped Alexis for?  I know he wants to terrorize Carly by kidnapping Jossyln.   I hope Shawn rescues Alexis from whatever Jerry has planned.

With each visit to his Dad, Trey should be getting more and more clues to the fact that he is being used. Joe Scully is scum.  I really feel sorry for Trey.  I never thought I'd like this character but he is more likeable by the episode.   But wouldn't Sonny or Alexis run a background check on him.  It should be easy enough to find out who his parents - ah, parent - is.  Does everyone who attends and Ivy League school and doesn't have a perfect pedigree change their names? First Connie Falconeri and now Joseph Mitchell Scully.

Elizabeth isn't so sure of Ewen or is she unsure of herself? Her reservations may serve her well from getting in too deep with the mysterious doctor.

So many good storyline here and I bet the villianous Jerry and Joe bring them all together for us.

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