Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get them off my screen!

Is there anyway to eject the daydreaming Sabrina and whoever that pushy doctor is that is chasing Patrick - I really never bothered catching her name - off my screen???  I seriously dislike both of these characters.

The pushy doctor is obvious.  She is obvious in her intentions and it is obvious why I can't stand her.  And who believes an actress that is supposed to be playing a doctor and saying "anyways."  It is 'anyway.'  Geez!  Truly, just get her off my screen and we can forget it ever happened kind of like I'd forgotten the hideous character of Cassandra until I was reminded yesterday thinking about awful character introductions.

Sabrina is supposed to be a sympathetic character but she is so cliche and she was simply forced upon us with no warning.  This story is a complete waste of Ephiphany and Patrick.  I'm already predicting a Maxie makeover of Sabrina who is no doubt stunning behind those horrid glasses.  Again, what a cliche!

This is the bump in the otherwise scenic road that is General Hospital these days.  The baby switch story is finally becoming must-see TV with all the characters engaged in what they do best.  I loved it when Jason called John for help and even when he played the "if you really care about Sam" card.  John is hardly blameless in this trio.  Steve Burton will soon film his final scenes - this week I think so the character of Jason has to wrap up.

An actor who played A.J. is coming back to GH.  I certainly hope they are not recasting Jason with him or anyone.  He may be a fine actor but he won't be Jason.  GH doesn't do recasts well at least in my time.  When I first started watching Greg Vaughn played Lucky.  I thought Lucky was a rather slow fellow who was led around by the woman in his life currently Elizabeth and previously Maxie.  When Jonathan Jackson resumed the role, the character was instantly transformed into a sensitive man and savvy cop.   No recasts, please.

I'm predicting the actor will play Rick.  Molly mentioned she didn't know how to get in touch with her father anymore during the water crisis.  That is a sure sign that something is happening with this character, Sonny's brother, Molly's father and Alexis' ex.

I'm also thrilled to see Connie resurface.  The current version of Kate is so nice and boring.  I was hoping for a integration that had more pizzazz.  Since the personalities clearly aren't integrated perhaps that will happen yet.

Again, please someone realize Olivia is not crazy and spring her from the hospital so she can really get in the middle of what is going on.

Sonny and Kate's wedding is bound to have drama.  I don't know what Kate has asked Johnny to do and then there is Joe.  What are his plans for his child's Mother's and his worst enemy's wedding day?

Finally, it was sad week to learn that John Ingle had died.  I always enjoyed seeing Edward and Mr. Ingle played him perfectly.  I assume the last time we will see him on screen was when he managed to donate the syrum to Emma.  It was such a sweet final scene from this GH icon.

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