Monday, May 28, 2012

Season Finales

All the primetime shows I watch have now had their season finales - and a couple of series finales whether planned or not.  Here are some thoughts on the series finales:

Desperate Housewives - I wasn't pleased with the ending.  While I'm glad Bree isn't in jail and Karen taking the blame was unexpected and poignant, the rest didn't seem to fit.  Why would Renee be so desperate to marry the broke Aussie who lied to her?  Tom and Lynette probably deserve each other but if anyone needed to be apart it was them.  They are NOT good together and what it is with Tom telling Lynette she is never happy. Tom, who quit his job to stay home with the kids then start a pizza business then go back to school then go back to the corporate world then be so in love with Jane, is the one who is never happy!

Gabby will never have a happy ending without her biological daughter.  What happened to Bree's son Andrew?  He was one of the best characters they had and wasn't even in the finale or anything leading up to it.

What I most disliked was moving everyone away and them never reuniting again.  Bree nearly went to prison for these women and then it can all be over just like that?

The Firm - Just watched the last one of these.  It is a shame this hasn't been renewed.  I know it got terrible ratings but NBC has so little.  They didn't do enough to promote this and gave it a terrible time slot.  The acting and writing were good and of course the premise is something we all know.  I think that was the issue.  My husband didn't want to watch because he thought it was a repeat of the book which was repeated by the movie.

The season ender which turned into the series finale left everything unsettled.  Tammy had gone off to obtain a divorce she thought she aleady had and wasn't even in the episode at all. Abby was in Kentucky kissing another man.  Mitch was finally being confronted by the mob boss' son who says he doesn't want to kill him but hire him.  There is much story here to tell.  Maybe Grisham will write us another great book and someone will make that into a movie and then a series...

Harry's Law - this is NBC's big mistake for the year canceling Harry's Law.  I read it got 8 million viewers.  They were just older.  Well, sell your ads to companies for products for an older populations.  They may be the only people who actually have money anyway.  This show just kept getting better.  The finale was well done with cases, office romances, and Harry's love for and of her people.

I really liked watching Harry, too and I'll miss it.  NBC could do a lot worse - they ARE doing a lot worse.  I hope they change their minds on this one.

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